Vehicle manufacturing

Vehicle final assembly process

The vehicle final assembly process mainly consists of subassembly, final assembly, vehicle off-line inspection, vehicle road test and vehicle repair. The final assembly adopts a flexible, automated, intelligent and modular assembly system. The key inspection data can be uploaded to the MES system for quality analysis and control.


Body painting process

The composite body coating mainly completes the surface pretreatment, spraying, drying and other coating production tasks. The production process of composite body coating does not require phosphating, pickling, passivation and other electrophoresis treatments. The spraying materials are all water-soluble environmentally friendly paints, and robots are used for automatic spraying.


Carbon fiber body manufacturing process

Bonding The bonding process mainly completes the task of bonding the embedded parts of carbon fiber composite material body parts and the bonding of other parts of the body. Convey relevant embedded parts and body parts to the corresponding subassembly and bonding station; start the robot automatic bonding program to carry out the body assembly; the assembled body is tr


Aluminum alloy chassis manufacturing process

The aluminum alloy chassis manufacturing process mainly includes: parts blanking, parts processing, parts processing parts inspection, welding, aging treatment, overall inspection, frame assembly, etc.


Key component manufacturing

Battery manufacturing

Lithium battery PACK has relatively strict processing and manufacturing standards. The manufacturing process level also determines the quality of the battery module and affects the operating efficiency of the entire production line. The main processes of the battery system include sorting and assembly, module welding, PACK assembly and PACK inspection.