Case 1-Preparation service project of "XX Economic and Technological Development Zone New Energy Automobile Industry Development Plan"

Based on the development status of the new energy automobile industry in XX City, in accordance with the requirements of high-end elements and high-quality development of the agglomeration industry, and referring to the national "New Energy Automobile Industry Development Plan (2021-2035)", from the industrial foundation, strategic positioning, The development path, development goals, key tasks, safeguard measures and other aspects will be started to complete the preparation of the development p

Case 2-Preparation service project of "XX New District Hydrogen Energy Industry Development Plan"

Relying on the hydrogen energy industry foundation of XX Province, integrating advantageous resources inside and outside XX Province, focusing on breaking through the existing key bottlenecks, and actively building a leading domestic and international company The advanced hydrogen energy industry technology chain and industrial chain have cultivated a group of leading enterprises and leading talents with core competitiveness for the XX New District, and will build the XX New District into an im