Company Profile

"Yangtse Delta Academy of New Energy Automobiles Co., Ltd." was established in Yancheng National Economic and Technological Development Zone approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in July 2015 by the Yancheng Government and Beijing Institute of Technology, with a registered capital of 100 million yuan. The existing R&D test equipments, software and supporting facilities (excluding real estate and land) assets have reached 200 million yuan.

Yangtse Delta Academy adheres to the innovative development concept of new energy vehicles of "Four New, Four Modernizations" (new platforms, new materials, new processes, new models, electrification, lightweight, intelligence, and integration), and insists on independence "Lightweight of high-performance fiber composite materials", "Pure electric "single" drive", "Fuel cell electric-electric hybrid", "Gas turbine-vehicle multi-energy power system", "Low-consumption and high-efficiency bisexual water electrolysis on-site system "Hydrogen" and other innovative technology routes, forming an international, open and diversified R&D innovation system of "politics, industry, learning, and research". Cooperated with Beijing Institute of Technology to build the "Electric Vehicle National Engineering Laboratory Yancheng Sub-center", and cooperated with the team of Academician Zhang Jiujun of Shanghai University to set up the "Fuel Cell Academician Workstation", and with Donghua University to build the "Automobile Composite Materials Laboratory" ,and “Yangtse Delta Academy of New Energy Automobiles Shanghai Branch” was established in cooperation with 10 major vehicle and parts laboratories. It has undertaken more than 10 ministerial and provincial new energy vehicles, key parts and components, and the Global Environment Facility (GEF) "China's new energy vehicles and renewable energy comprehensive application commercialization promotion" and other scientific research, demonstration and industrialization projects. More than 53 million yuan of financial support was provided.  Supporting Jiangsu Guoxin New Energy Passenger Car Co., Ltd. to obtain the National New Energy Passenger Vehicle "Dual Qualification". Has more than 100 patents and software copyrights in the design and development of new energy vehicles, vehicle electronic control, lightweight, green manufacturing, hydrogen energy and fuel cell systems, etc., has incubated and invested in vehicle electronic control, power battery PACK, several industrialized project companies such as fuel cell systems and equipment automation have become a public technical service platform for the development, testing, testing, certification and achievement transformation of important new energy vehicles and key components in the Yangtze River Delta region.